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PIER Group & EfficientIP

Working together to assist institutions in connecting users to their applications and services to simplify management of their network infrastructure.

The IT industry is evolving, with the acceleration of strategic IT initiatives, and a proliferation of apps, IoT, multicloud, and remote learnings, which brings an increased complexity that can lead to serious risks such as siloed data. PIER Group and EfficientIP help mitigate these risks and strengthen security for our clients.

DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) is foundational for managing apps and networks so it helps network personnel simplify management and strengthen security of their on-prem and cloud infrastructure – bringing visibility, control, consistent deployments, threat insights from network traffic, and structuring of network security policies.

DDI Plays a critical role in connecting users to their applications and services:

DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) are at the core foundation of IP-based infrastructures upon which network access and application traffic routing rely. EfficientIP Smart DDI solution ensures network reliability, simplifies the management of DDI resources, secures critical services, improves teamwork efficiency and brings cross platform visibility.

Zero Trust means enterprises are putting more emphasis on improving end-to-end security. That requires treating massive amounts of data, so DNS threat intelligence has become absolutely vital. The 360° DNS Security solution offers a holistic approach to secure DNS servers from both external and internal threats to protect data and business continuity, offering powerful and cost effective DNS security solutions to protect your network and simplify remediation for SOCs.

Network Automation is only possible if accurate shareable network data exists. The IPAM of SOLIDserver™ offers a central consolidated repository of valuable data & metadata, which can be easily made available to ecosystem players. Leveraging SOLIDserver DDI for orchestration of networks and public and private clouds can enable Zero Touch Networks, reduce operational costs and bring global visibility and control.

Why Choosing EfficientIP Solutions

  • Simpler architecture, faster deployment, easier management of your network
  • Market-leading performance for maximizing your DDoS protection and business growth
  • Patented DNS Security technology to keep your business up and running
  • Broader data visibility to give you more control over your network
  • Flexibility and advanced network automation to save you time, and enforce your policies
  • Smarter app traffic steering to ensure optimal user experience

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Pier Group And Ciena Case Studies & White Papers

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Enhancing Threat Intelligence Services

Enhancing Threat Intelligence Services for Holistic Network Security

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Network Automation

The Fundamental Contribution of DDI as a True Network Automation Hub

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EfficientIP provides hardware, software and virtual appliances that manage IP addresses and DNS-DHCP services (DDI) in a fully integrated solution. SOLIDserver™ centralizes all information from the IP plan and DNS and DHCP servers into one singular interface, and allows customers to manage their network services as a distinct entity, ensuring high availability, security and network consistency.

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