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Campus Infrastructure

Build a Smart, Safe, Connected Campus

There’s so much potential for smart campus technology today, and we’ve worked with many universities that are well on their way to turning this potential into reality.

IoT devices help automate facilities management tasks like heating, cooling and electricity use. They can also be used to allocate classrooms efficiently, help students find a quiet place to study, or alert campus security to anomalies. Students, educators, guests, and administrators can access the network from anywhere, at any time, using a single sign-on whether their device is hardwired or wireless.

Building Solutions for a
Connected Campus

All the amazing services a smart campus offers can make building a smart campus complex. The physical layout of campuses (academic buildings, dorms, stadiums, greenspace) plus the array of devices and applications that access the network (IoT, machine learning and AI, phones, video devices) require an infrastructure that is safe and secure yet provide users with an optimal experience.

Smart Solutions from PIER Group

We Help Clients Develop Smart Campus Network Solutions Such As:

Creating high-security and high-performing campus area networks is what we do every day. Every institution is different, and each has their own priorities. PIER Group helps our clients meet their goals. Our expertise working in university environments provides strategic guidance on multifaceted challenges and unpredictable environments.

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