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Research Networking

Design and Optimize Large-Scale Research Networking Solutions

More and more, universities, corporate entities and research institutions are forging long-term, collaborative efforts to unite their best minds to innovate, create breakthrough discoveries, and work together closely on major projects.

Great minds – and great R&E projects – need to share large amounts of data. PIER Group is achieving this through the design and optimization of large-scale optical networking solutions, which connect institutions within states and across nations and the world.

Advances in Research Networking Propel Campus Research Collaboration

Researchers generate massive amounts of data. In the past, sharing this data was extremely difficult due to bandwidth limitations.

Today, sharing data can be as simple as clicking the “send” button. Redefined optical networks are becoming increasingly flexible and software-driven. Software tools, network analytics and intelligence lead to increased network automation and programmability, enabling further improvements in service rollout velocity.

Building a Foundational Research Networking Solution

Having the ability to scale network capacity faster and more intelligently provides a huge competitive advantage. At the foundation of it all is the optical network, and PIER Group understands how the features of an optical network can unlock the potential of your university’s research projects.

Our long-standing clients include both state and national entities, including Internet2, I-Light, ICN, KPEN, MREN, WiscNet, numerous Quilt members, among others.

PIER Group designs and enhances optical networks with users’ needs top-of-mind. Our work includes working with partners on the physical side, such as fiber and cabling, infrastructure configuration, such as creating the switching environment and determining endpoints, and finally adding the software element to drive automation and optimization.

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