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Together bringing remarkable drive and expertise to advancing AI in the Research and Education Space.

AI is transforming the education industry and while institutions understand the power of AI, they need a trusted partner to provide the expertise that they feel comfortable with while creating AI business value.

PIER Group and NVIDIA are working with leading institutions in higher education to accelerate AI leadership through advanced curriculum, research, and world-class AI infrastructure, providing students, faculty, and researchers with the tools they need to change the world.

• NVIDIA-Certified Systems™
• Enterprise tools and operations
• End-to-end enterprise support
• Ease of scaling AI infrastructure/access

• Growing Resource Demands
• Complexity
• Research Labs and Mini Data Centers

• Optimizing IT spend across campus
• Higher performance – faster results
• Full-stack optimization yields quicker ROI

Ciena provides market-leading coherent optical technology for great scalability, multi-layer domain controllers for complete network visibility, and a highly flexible routing and switching portfolio for interoperability and convergence to support the next generation of research.

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NVIDIA pioneered accelerated computing to tackle challenges no one else can solve. Our work in AI and the metaverse if profoundly impacting society and transforming the world’s largest industries. From gaming to robotics, self-driving cars to life-saving healthcare, climate change to virtual worlds where we can all connect and create.

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